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Does anyone know how to read the markings on a Case knife blade
I picked up a Case Barlow marked Case XX ***SS*** on the blade
The S look like lightening bolts and I know that change was made in 1980 but I'm not sure about the SS in the dots I'm assuming that each S means 10 years so it means 2004. Am I right or am I way off base here?

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    I have a few WR Case XX knives; As far as I know the SS refers to the surgical steel in the blade, which is what the most of the blades are made of. I'm not aware of a dating code; some of mine have the date of manufacture stamped on a bullet in the handle- such as the last run on Dec 31, 1999. Case has a website and collectors association, also Shepherd in Missouri is an authorized outlet and has extensive information regarding their knives.
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