Remington rolling block ammo?

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I have been given a very clean Remington Rolling block carbine. The barrel is marked 7MM-S M and appears to be original to the rifle. What is the true original caliber of this rifle? I had guessed 7X57 Mauser but that case is much too large. Is the original ammunition still available? Thanks!

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    Many years ago I owned a No. 5 Rolling Block chambered for the 7mm Mauser cartridge. It would work with any 7 x 57mm ammo.

    The only thing I could imagine, re your carbine is that the barrel has been "sleeved", i.e. a rifled liner soldered in the barrel. This would enable the carbine to use a smaller centerfire or rimfire cartridge.

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    Could be any number of candidates. In a case like this, if you wish to shoot it, don't play around getting guesses from afar. Take it to a competent gunsmith, have a chamber cast made and measure that to learn the correct round to use.

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