Blackpowder misfire/jammed ball?????

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OK......I admit it! I made an error in misjudging my ability. I purchased a Thompson 54 Cal. at a yard sale with all the accessories. I proceeded to load it lightly, ram a ball home, touch off a cap and only a cap explosion was to be heard. I tried another with the same results. I changed the nipple and tried again. Still no "bang!" I used the ball extractor from the ramrod and only got a little lead on the threads. Question: What next?????? You guys have never failed to help me out and I know that this will be no exception. Thanks, Bill


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    What if there was already a ball in the BARREL???

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    Sounds like time to tear the rifle apart and pull the breech plug...

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    I agree with nunn. The only thing I will add is to ensure you have the proper worm. I tried pulling a .54 ball with a worm for my .45 and had the same results you mentioned. The worn was not getting a good bite in the center of the ball. Get a worm with a collar on it for the .54...this way the worm will be centered in the barrel on the ball. Screw it in several turns, then try it. I used a vice to secure the rod while I pulled on the rifle.

    You can usually tell if it is double loaded by putting your ramrod into the barrel and then mark (use your finger, tape, etc.) the rod where it exits the muzzle. Remove the rod and place it along the side of the barrel and see how close it comes to the breech area. After you get the ball & powder out, try this again. If in doubt, try the worm again...

    Sounds like you may have a blocked passage (rust, crud, etc.) or some oil that has contaminated the area. Did you fire some caps before loading to dry out the breech area? I had a pistol do the same exact thing. A good soaking of the breech area in hot soapy water dislodged whatever was there and it has worked fine ever since.

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    stick your ramrod in the muzzle. mark it and pull it out. then take the ramrod and put alongside the bbl exterior and see where the ball stopped. you should have done this prior to first shot to see if it wasnt already loaded. what the poster 'james ayers' is saying is, that you may have fired off the old gunpowder that was old and aged that came with the gun, jamming the old ball in the bbl with your fresh load and ball in front of it. when you finally pull the ball out that is closest to the muzzle, if your unburnt patch and unspent powder comes out too, it means you still have another one in there. re-do the procedure above to see where the other ball is in the bore. if there isnt one, the rod should go all the way down the bore to where it should stop normally. good luck. [:0]

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    And be sure to wet that powder before you mess around in there![:0]
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    quote:Originally posted by nunn
    The ball worm should have worked. Screw it in to the ball GOOD. You may have to get a friend to hold the rifle while you pull the ramrod out.

    Another thing to try: Remove the nipple and/or the drum that the nipple screws into. Now you can trickle some powder in behind the ball. Replace the drum/nipple, cap and fire.

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    If you try this be sure to reseat the ball after you add the powder.
    It may be jambed partway down the barrel.
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    Where do You live....? If close to Los Angeles, I could come by and have a look See....maybe help You and could possibly offer a few hands on Pointers.........best.....

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    Submerge the entire barrel for at least 24 hours, so ensure your powder is completely dead. Remove your breech, see if you can drive it out through the back. If not, go to your local gunsmith and explain the problem. He can sell you a CO2 discharger that should purge out the barrel.

    Hope that works.
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    well I know I will get spanked for this but it works most of the time,I shoot a good bit of black powder and have done it a time or two,go to your local garage,find one that has a good air compressor that will run up at least 100-125 lbs of air,point the rifle in a safe direction,place the air chuck over the nipple and blow it out,unless it is jammed behind rust or you have more than one load in there it will come out
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    OK, so you made a mistake.....learn from it and always check out the bore of a rifle/pistol you are unfamiliar with. Check for anything in the barrel; if clear, run a patch or two down to clean and dry the bore. It is possible that the rifle was not cleaned after being shot the last time, or maybe there is a bunch of oil at the breech. I hesitate to offer anything more than has already been said, as I don't know the status of the load- double load, crud, oil, damp powder, etc. The CO2 discharger is probably the safest way to go. I have heard of guys using a grease gun (after installing a grease zirk in place of the nipple or drum) and pumping the load out. Kinda messy, but effective. Good luck! Emery

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    Wow! What a great list of ideas. Thank you all for you input. I value each thought. I'll give all this some thought and report the outcome. The old fellow I bought it from did show me how to measure the depth of the barrel and had the ramrod marked, so I never gave any thought to another load. How about some breakfree down the barrel to wet the powder and lubricate the ball? I can weld a stronger shaft with a longer screw shank to pull the ball? My first attempt included holding the rod end in my vise and gently applying pressure. That's when I got a lot of lead in the threads. Thanks for the kind offer Captain, but I'm in SE Washington. If I was still stationed a LTA Santa Ana, I'd take you up on it. I'll report back with my exciting conclusion.
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