EA380 ?

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A friend has a European American Armory "EA380" that he wants to sell me. I know nothing about this company. The gun is matte blue steel and appears to be in very good condition. It comes with original box, nylon holster, and a few rounds. It has only fired 16 rounds since new. Thanks for any help,


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    European American Armory is a large American importer of firearms based in Florida.

    The pistol your inquiring about was manufactured by the Tanfoglio Company of Italy, and is no longer imported. They were made in both single and double action configureations.

    My WAG is that the value would be between $150 & $200, with the double action being worth more. As it's no longer imported parts and repairs might be problematical, test fire it before you buy it.

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    Listen to Rufe on this one. Also, remember generally, you can buy
    9mm luger (9x19) a lot less expensive and more bullet types than .380
    (9x17 or Kurz). The power difference is substancial and unless this is a Walther or Sig clone, I suspect this is one of the larger framed
    imports. No advantage as far as carry and a minimum defense caliber.
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    Is it the larger frame 380 or the smaller frame one? I have a smaller frame semiauto ea380 that I've had for about 5 years or so. It works great to put in my pocket and take when I go metal detecting. I've never had a jam or anything out of it and I believe I only paid around 50 dollars for it. Surprisingly it's a very good pointer.
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