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Need to know if anyone has info on " walters & son" in the making of shotguns, thanks, bryan.



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    Found one reference, to a English maker of muzzle loading precusion shotguns.

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    Not enough information to go on....Rufe-Snow found You an English Maker and I have a list of American Makers with the name of WALTERS...But my list predates Rufe-Snows...My list is from the 1770's to the early 1800's which was in the Flintlock era...Is it possible for you to post a photo or at the least give us a comprehensive discription?...
    1. Flintlock
    2. Percussion
    3. Pin Fire
    4. Shotshell
    5. Single Barrel
    6. Double Barrel
    7. Multi Barrel
    The list go's on...Give us a complete discription and We should be able to help You...Post all Marks and Proofs as well......Best.....

    Captain Kirk, Tech Staff<P><BR>
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    Boothroyd lists only a George Walters, London 1836-1857. Side X Sides of the World lists a Walters & Son: "There were a number of gun makers & dealers in the USA and Britain from about 1820 to 1900. History and quality unkown. One listed for sale in 1998 was 16 Gauge, Damascus barrels, outside hammers, and of course it was a sxs. It is not clear if the company changed hands, or if several makers sold under that name at different times, or if several makers built them for someone who sold them under that name. As the good Captn. says, we would be most pleased to help if we can, but need much more information to work with.
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