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Pardons please if this question has been asked many times. The folks at AK-47.net said you all were the best ones to ask.
I have been looking over CETME rifles (Century Arms) at gunshows for some time. They run from $389-$700 give or take. The sellers always say they have been rebuilt with new parts. So here goes. Is the CETME a Spanish clone of the HK 94 (I was told it was the other way around)? Are they any good? What does rebuilt or new parts mean? In other words, what are the new parts because some sure look like they are older than I am. I have been told they are about as accurate as a garden hose. Is that true? If so, can they be upgraded or made more accurate and is it worth it? I have an Armalite in 7.62x51 mm.It is no small rifle, can't get heavy, and isn't the easiest firearm I have ever had to take down for cleaning so I was thinking of picking up one of these for plinking and some type of "target" shooting (bottles, cans, bolling pins and such). Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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    The CETME was built in Spain prior to HK buying the mfg rights and made their HK91.
    The CETME's you are seeing are parts guns built on a American reciever, with some new parts added to pass the AWB laws.
    I bought a Century Arms CETME paid $319 with 2 20rd mags & 1 5rd.
    Most of them wont cycle out of the box, as the bolt & reciever are not mated yet. After about 60rds, you will find the bolt will cycle all the way, and should be 100% then.
    Accuracy @ 100 yds expect around 5" groups.
    Tear down and cleaning almost like the real HK91.
    Century I think also makes a HK91 clone but they are around $499.
    Its worth the $319 I paid, would possibly pay upto $350.
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