Quality of CZ?

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I am wondering the quality of these pistols?The 75 in .40s&w and the 97B in .45acp?Overall quality and reliability.Would these be sufficient for Police duty carry?Thank You.


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    The CZ 75 is a high quality pistol, used by military and police forces around the world. The price is cheap, as the labor is cheap. I don't know much about the the other calibers, but judging by the 9mm, they should be top drawer.
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    CZ is good. Someday, if we hold the 2nd Amendment freedoms, we'll look back on these days as the "good old days" of prices for the CZ. It's already gone up some, in the past year or two. It's like a great restaurant before everybody else discovers it.
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    I have had nothing but good experiences with the CZ. In the price range they sell for, they are superior to other brands. You wouldn't believe the accuracy till you shoot one. My CZ P01 came with a 6-shot 25 meter group, using factoy Sellier and Bellot 115gr FMJ ammo, just over 4 inches.
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    I bought my old man a CZ 452 ZKM .22 LR rifle and I've got a CZ 75 9mm pistol. I have to say that overall they're superb firearms. I have no gripes and they're workmanship is excellent. The CZ company has been around since the early 1900's I presume and is also world renowned in the firearms industry. Try the CZ 75 out, they've been around for awhile and almost every gun enthusiast should have one in their collection.[8D]

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