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I am a huge fan of the Glock handguns, and have found some money that I am able to spend on a new handgun, the " Kimber Custom TLE 2"
has caught my attention, but would like to know what shooters of kimbers have to say before I spend the money. There are still plenty of Glocks I could buy. So if you have any feedback good or bad on the Kimbers, and have actually shot them please let me know.


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    I bought the Kimber Polymer Target.45 NIB about five years ago and I have been unable to find any info on it ever since. This is a high capacity pistol that has a steel upper and polymer frame. On the front of the frame in front of the hooked trigger guard it is stamped "Bul Israel" I think this is the frame that STI uses,but I'm not sure.It is the most accurate .45 I have ever shot. It is not in the Kimber catalog,nor can I find it on the Kimber website.Has anyone ever seen one? If I knew how I would post a picture of it.-JoeyT
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    I think kimberkid has two of these. Feel sure he will pop in in a little while. If I am not mistaken, the Bul framed polymers were dropped from the Kimber line up when the current polymer Ultra 10 was introduced.

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    Does yours look something like this?

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    that's the one kimberkid!-JoeyT
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    Without the compensator,kimberkid-JoeyT
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    Its an Israeli Bull with a Kimber name stuck on it. I have an old Guns and Ammo at work that has an article about them. If you would like Ill look it up next Tuesday to find out more info.

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