P17 Enfield (Eddystone) w/a Nickel? Bolt Handle

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This rifle is a nice arsenal rework other than the bolt handle. It looks like it is nickle plated maybe...not blued or parkerised.

Would a rifle have left an arsenal like this? I guessing someone did this at a later time, but can't imagine why.

It's the first one I aquired (out of five). I upgrade when I find better pieces and always say that I am going to sell my extras (duplicates) someday...keep the "keepers."

My concern is; for an otherwise very nice rifle, is it worth changing/refinishing the bolt handle on this to put it on the market? The shiny bolt handle sticks out like a sore thumb...at least now that I better examples anyway.

When I was shopping for one at that time they were a little more scarce than now so I picked it up for ~$450 I think...too much probably.


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    Intersting Could the bolt have came off a rifel that had been customized for parade?

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    The U.S. Model 1917-
    I know these rifle's well. Have owned over a hundred and have studyed
    them for over 35 years. If you wish to mail me thru my profile I will advise to the best of my knowledge. No-the bolt was never ever plated-
    but a parade/VFW would have been completely re-done. The
    www.odcmp.com recently sold many of these at about $400.00. Strongest
    action made on a U.S. arm and the parent action for many a sporter.
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    Fort Knox: "P" stands for Pattern, which was used (maybe still is) by the British instead of "M" or the word Model. The 1917 Enfield derived from the P-1914 which was a British design, so the "P" carried over to the U.S. Model of 1917.

    What puzzles me about the initial post is the heading "(RI Arsenal)", as these rifles were made by Winchester, Remington, or Remington at Eddystone, PA., and as far as I know they were not produced by Govt. Arsenals. So, if this one is marked "RI" for Rock Island it was cycled through the Arsenal for a rebuild after W.W.I, but should still have one of the original manufacturer's names stamped on the receiver ring. When nickel or chrome plating these rifles for parade and ceremonial use the entire rifle was usually plated, so this bolt has probably come from another rifle.
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