Remington model 48 shotguns?

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Are the Remington "Mohawk 48" and the "Sportsman 48" the same as an 11-48? If not, what's the difference. They look identical, but I'm wondering if the parts will interchange. Thanks


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    wm69--I'm practically certain they are the same series of actions. As I remember it, the Mohawk was a less expensive model that used wood other than walnut for the stock and forend and the metal may have been not as well polished as the regular line. The Sportsman 48 was a three shot model of the 11-48 (the latter held 5 rounds).The parts probably will interchange but there are quite a few cases where changes took place for a certain group of serial numbers so the blanket statement that the parts are interchangeable in all instances is not true. My old parts sheets predate the Mohawk so I don't know to what degree it shares the other two model's parts. If you've got any specific questions you might be able to get an answer from the Remington website.
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    Thanks for the info. I'll check the Remington website and see what I can find there. I found a stock and the guy isn't sure which model it's for, but it looks like my 11-48 stock. I check and if I can't determine it I'll see what kind of return policy he has. Thanks again.
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