L1A1 price ?

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Do the offered prices seem reasonable to y'all?




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    Scott,,, Welcome to the forum and Yes, 750 sounds like a good deal for this rifle.
    With the addition of the wood furniture, sight and rail, and the mags, it is a decent price.
    Check out the web site listed in the auction. I have an L1a1 that I have had for about 6 yrs, and it is a very nice rifle.
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    Sorry-I wasn't very clear when I asked my question, as I am the seller. I was asking because I thought it is a very good deal, despite the absence of bids. As far as the rifle-I love it. It's a real nice shooter. I put about 50 rds thru it after I got it back from AZEX. I can't compliment Derek's work enough, he did an amazing job.
    That being said, I gotta try and get money together to replace my road bicycle for the upcomin triathlon season, and had to make a choice.
    Thank you for the reassurance.
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    Sounds like a good deal to me. Just give it time and it will sell. There's probably some kid out there saving money right now for it.
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