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Lubricates metal surfaces
Cuts through rust
Protects electrical equipment
Resists moisture, even salt water
Excels in household applications
Sprays into hard-to-reach places

Just thought it work well on my gun. Thanks for your input.


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    Sounds like a big dust magnet to me.....just my opinion but I think you would be better served by a can of silica to absorb the moisture in your gunsafe and keep it from rusting up your guns than by spraying it down with lube while it attracts all the dust and dirt out of the air and leaves your gun furnature all greasy and slimy.

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    I'm not familiar with this particular product, but whether or not to use a protective lubricant depends a great deal on where you live. Guns fare a lot better in dry, arid climates than they do in a damp, humid environment. Here in Oregon I keep a protective film of gun oil on my firearms at all times unless they are actually being carried in the field or at a range. Wherever you live it's advisable to wipe your firearm down with some sort of protectant to remove fingerprints, etc., before storing it away. I don't favor spray applicantions because it is difficult to control how much is applied and keep it fron running into the stock. My usual procedure is to squeeze a few drops of whatever onto a cleaning patch, squeeze the patch so as to disperse the protectant throughout the cloth, and then apply a light coating to all exposed metal parts.
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    I use a variety of products, but I am a fan of Eezox which you can order online. One of the few multipurpose clean,lubricating and protective products that not only works well, but doesn't smell bad either. Really great on blued guns.

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    Amsoil is a very good product and if they recommend this for guns I would not be afraid to use it. Be sure to clean your gun before shooting it and I think you will be fine.

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