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Does anyone out there have an opinion, good or bad, about Cabela's Rolling Block blackpowder rifle? This is the one based on Remington's Rolling Block action. I'm new to the BP game, but am looking for something more unique than the usual. I do however like the convenience of the in-line. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I have one and like it fine. It's accurate but heavy, larger than it looks in the catalog pics. Mine came with a cross threaded nipple, which caused misfires until I discovered it. Cabela's promptly replaced nipple and breech plug, hasn't misfired since.

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    I was in the muzzleloading business for many years. I have personally examined a cabelas rolling block m.l. where the action was broken into two pieces. They are or were made of some castable alloy, but certainly not made of steel as are the rolling block ctg. rifles. Ithaca made some single shot 22s and lever action shotguns from a similar alloy several years ago. I am in possession of one of these shotguns which has broken in a like fashion. The "engraving" on the cabelas rolling block m.l. is cast into the frame, and it has a black paint looking finish. They may now have an improved version, but I would look seriously at something else if I were you. LUKE
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