Is night vision really a good buy?

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I was thinking on buying a night vision scope but don't know if it is worth the price.


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    Depends on your application! Stay away from the low end, cheaper stuff. All you will see is a green glob of??????
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    Night vision is fun, and really neat. But its not like on TV. See if someone you know will let you mess with there's, and maybe tell you a little about it.

    Also stay away from that cheap gen1 crap. Every gen1 scope I ever had was a waste of money. And if you ever wanna resale it, don't expect to get your money back. The gen 1 stuff depreciates in value like a car. The higher end nv gear is holding it value a little better but slower becoming cheaper. But its hard to get rid of. I ended up parting with a $600 Gen 1 rifle scope for $250. Because after two years of ownership, the same scope can now be purchased for $399 new and improved.

    If you do purchase a Gen 1 tube, then you should also invest in a high power flashlight with an infrared filter that can also be mounted on the weapon, because you will need the light source.

    Also I'd advise not buying a scope that has a focus that you have to adjust manually. Its a real pain, especiall when trying to handle a rifle.
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    I don't think I would recommend a rifle scope. Get a simple viewer or a pair of starlight binocs instead. Much more useful. If you need to shoot something in the dark, take a bearing on it with the viewer, then let the smoke pole rip. Scares the hell out of what it don't kill. In real extremis, you would have a spotter anyway and the target wouldn't be able to see you.

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