mossburg 695 bolt sluggun

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The local sporting goods store has one on sale. cant find any field tests
or user reports. did learn that it is a discontinued model.
anyone have one? are they worth a darn? any thoughts or info to share?



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    Howdy From Colorado. I have one of these and I am well satisfied with it. I used to fly back to Indiana to hunt whitetails, and used it there. We also have a state area just west of town that is slug gun only. Mossberg replaced the entire gun for me because the one I got had the barrel screwed in crooked. Use a straightedge alone the sides of the action, and if the barrel isn't square (parallel) with the action, you will be able see it at the muzzle. The gun shoots great and is quite comfortable to shoot. Mine likes the remington copper sabots best, but does well with about everything. Hope this helps, luke. Nobody gets to be a cowboy forever!
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    Have one, do like it a lot.

    Pros - about as accurate a .72 cal rifle as you'll find (at least for under $1K), detachable mag. Cons - crappy trigger, nothing aftermarket available for it & slow follow up shots (which you shouldn't need if you get the trigger fixed). IF you try to 'fix' the trigger yourself, Mossberg WILL NOT sell you the parts you're liable to ruin (experience talking). So it you know a good gunsmith for the trigger......

    Mine sets in the gunsafe, because of the trigger (and lack of a good gunsmith).
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