Remington 1100 cycling problem

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I am having trouble with a Remington 1100 cycling properly. It will not kick the bolt back far enough to eject the empty and pick up the next one from the tube. I have checked the piston and seals, they are all in the correct position. I have replaced the barrel seal, (the "0" Ring), have scrubbed it spotless and de-greased the outside of the feed tube. Any suggestions? I am beginning to remember why I prefer doubles.

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    Look to ensure the gas holes in the barrel are clear and that no debris in said area are keeping the O ring from doing it's job. Ensure that no crud is in the recoil spring (pull back on the bolt, does it go all the way back? If so, spring is good).

    As a general rule, short stroking is due to a problem in the gas system. If available, attach a different barrel and attempt to fire and eject.

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    A friend of mine has a 20 ga. and said the only thing that it cycled consistently with was heavy trap loads on up. He usually used the 'middle' and hot game loads. His was an older 1100 and it seems to me they also did some recoil spring changes, depending on the loads you were going to use.
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    mine will do that with light AA trap loads , try a little heavier load and see if it makes a difference
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