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Help I.D Old shotgun....Info???

DIRTYRATDIRTYRAT Member Posts: 2,167 ✭✭✭✭✭
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Have an old percussion shotgun here I'm trying to help someone with. It has a 4' bbl and engraved across the top back towards the breech is" London Fine Twisted" and on the side of the lockplate? is the inscription "W JACOT" There are no other external markings that I can see and have not dis-assembled it to look for any other markings. I also am not able to provide a photo. The over-all length is 64" and it does have alot of engraving on butplate sides etc.. checkered grip on what looks to be a walnut stock,to silver inlayed lines across the breechplug and a small brass shield on the top area of the grip.. Anyone know ANYTHING? age?approx $ in good shape?....other than it is most likely a damascus twist steel bbl...I do not have any books with anything on this gun...Any info would be greatly appreciated and Thank-You in advance!


  • hrfhrf Member Posts: 857 ✭✭✭✭
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    From Boothroyd's Directory of British Gunmakers:

    Jacot, William, London and Liverpool. Merchant and Gun Manufacturer, Liverpool, from 1847 to 1857.
    Also traded as W. Jacot & Co. Marked guns 'London'
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