mystery p38- need help identifying

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A friend of a friends gun, sent me these pics. Wondering what variation it is and what I should offer for it. Thanks in advance!



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    I cannot read any markings on it at all. It appears go be correct looking except the takedown lever looks odd and the magazine floorplate looks way too thin.

    Whether this is elongation of the photo I don't know.
    Get a white Paintstik and fill in all the marking, then take some good pictures with careful attention on the proofs on the right side of the slide, and the manufacturer data on the left side of the slide.
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    Back in the 50's/60's, time frame. Many very realistic replicas were made in Japan of Zinc diecastings/potmetal. The were so realistic, that the Japanese government forced the manufacturers to alter them. To be less so.

    That said, being Zinc, the slide won't attract a magnet.
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    ...though there are several markings on it, I can make out only "3551", on the left side of the gun.




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