Browning sa-22 grade III Miroku

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I asked over in General and they sent me over here so,,,I am looking at a nice little 22,,its a Browning sa-22 grade III made Japan,new in box or as close as it can get. I cant find one in the auctions running or sold,, I found one Belgium,, I Cant find any online, found pictures but no information,other sales sites had a couple Belgiums but no Miroku. Browning's site does not even list a grade III,,New or discontinued except in an anniversary model,,this is not that gun.. Any help out there where to find some info,,maybe a close to value. It is signed by the engraver.


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    I searched some and didn't find much either except the Blue Book of Gun values claims they list it and want to sell you their book for $39.95.

    Maybe you could find a copy in your local gun shop to give you a rough value.
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    I don't think that you are going to find any definitive listings that show "value". While Miroku rifles are excellent quality, collectors turn up their nose at Japanese rifles. I know that Browning catalogued Grade III .22 autos, but I have never seen one. Probably scarce, but that doesn't mean that they will bring high dollars.

    I would expect that a NIB Miroku Grade II would sell for $800-1,000. But, my SWAG is that a Grade III would only bring $1,200-1,400, even though the initial price was twice that of the Grade II.

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    blue book
    does have a listing all the way up to a Grade VI miroku made
    many different types with small changes between transition "ETC"looks like japan made gradeIII but Belgium engraved with box $2450
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    hello many different models up to grade Vi one transition grade 111 made in japan but engraved in belgium with box $2450
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    You might consider the Browning board, on Rimfire Central. Some few of the posters, are very collector oriented. A Grade III Browning anything, would cause them to sell their first born.[:D] Although most are shooters, that could care less regarding a Japanese Grade III.
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