Experience with this barrel clamp??

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Good/bad?? Does the cushions stay on/hold up? Is it sufficient to eliminate marring? Thank you.



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    Fixtures such as this are often not the best solution for gunsmithing applications. They are created by the low end parts designers like Wheeler to sell by the millions for a huge profit, not to actually solve problems.

    In this case, the 'non-marring urethane' separates from the aluminum blocks when it meets the resistance of a tight barrel. It is limited to constant diameter barrels such as the AR-style barrels. It does not do well when used in attempts to work with tapered bolt action barrels.

    I have used the larger two-part fixtures which are bolted to a heavy platform which uses two-part bushings matched to the barrel taper. I will wrap an index card around the barrel at the point I place the bushings then place this in between the clamping surfaces of the fixture. It's similar to these but I used much heavier steel plates which I made in the shop and grade 8 bolts and bearings:



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    +1 for properly fitted split collets and powdered rosin.
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    Looking to use one on a M&P 15-22 we just got this past weekend
    Want to pull off the flash suppressor and hand guards to wipe down full length of barrel.
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