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Ive had very good luck finding DOM on my Remington firearms but Im puzzled with this one. I have a Rem 58 12ga mag. Rib. Ser# 181XXX Ser is also stamped on bottom of bbl. Date code on left side of BBL is F Z which dosent make any sense to me. Any one have any ideas. Im stumped on this one. TIA


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    Made 56 to 63 about 271,000

    Use a good hand lens. Mis stamps happen
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    From the Remington web site.

    "How can I tell how old my Remington firearm is?
    With the hundreds of different models produced over the past 200 years, it can sometimes be difficult to determine the age of your firearm. Since serial numbers were not required until 1968, your firearm may not have a serial number. For models without a serial number, we may be able to determine the age by the 2-3 letters that are stamped on the barrel. If your firearm does have a serial number, if you will call or email us the serial number and model number we can determine the approximate age of your firearm. Contact us by email or call us at 1-800-243-9700 Mon-Fri 9-5 EST."
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