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anybody familiar with this pistol?
I just looked at one and trying to figure out anything about it. This pic is a generic one off the internet but it looks like the same pistol.
The one I looked at has For 44 S&W cartridge marked on top of barrel and Belgium stamped on it. Look familiar?

You squeeze two levers, one on each side to break the action.

Thank you Rufe and Perry! With average wear on a hundred year old example would this strike you as a $50,$150, or $300 pistol? I'm obviously not looking for anything precise with the limited info I've posted- just trying to get a feel for the relative value.


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    It is based on the 1876 patent(s) of of Charles Pryse. He was a Englishman. Webley as well as Belgian manufacturers, made revolvers based on Pryse's patents.

    The Belgian made ones weren't as good as quality as the Webley's. Great care should be taken, when/if firing yours. As the 44 S & W cartridge, they are referring to. Is probably the black powder 44 Russian. Wouldn't be firing, any smokeless powder 44 Specials in it. Bad things might happen.[xx(]
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    there should be proof marks that say if it is for smokeless powder
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    If it was a Webley-Pryse, original and in VG condition. Worth some bucks to a collector. Belgian clone, not so much. It all depends, on originally and condition.

    Value would be based on demand, being Belgian. Not a whole heck of a lot, of collectors interest. Conversation piece, or wall hanger for the man cave. If it was functional, and had a descent bore. $300 wouldn't be out of line.
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    Get your picture off Littlegun.be?
    Under the Warnant family of Hognee, Belgium?
    That is probably about as much as there is to know about it.
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