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I recently acquired an incomplete Colt 1873 SAA revolver. The serial number appears to be 99036. below the serial number there is a '8' on the left and '02' on the right. I would like to know when it was made, what generation it is and any other available information. Thanks!

Hopefully here are some pictures (Please excuse the quality, this is the best I can do with my digital camera!). Dates on left side of frame: PAT.SEPT.19,1871 over PAT.JULY 2,1872. Do these parts have any value?






























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    hello 99036 is most likely late1883 this number should be in 3 different places so it would be a first gen model can you post some pictures of course if you need a part that has the serial number it would never be a all numbers match pistol but even the parts you have could be worth a fair ammount
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    Which three places will the serial # be?
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    serial should be on frame just in front of the trigger guard also near the screw that holes the trigger guard on also on bottom of grip frame and the reloading gate will haf a 3 digit number not the same as the serial number all your parts look to be in POOR condition this really lowers the value the screw heads are really bad look at items for sale by LOCUST FORK that is the quailty of pictures we need to really know if it is the pictures that are bad or the parts them selfshe has a single action for sale not a colt but it will give you what we need to give you a value of your stuff
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    It doesn't look like you have a loading gate but, if you did, it would have a 3-digit assembly number like Perry Shooter stated. On your revolver, that number would be 802, the same number as shown on the bottom of your frame below the screw hole. That was an assembly number that kept those two pieces together.

    It's a fairly early blackpowder frame and someone may like to have it if they are rebuilding one from parts. Those early SAA parts are hard to find in any condition.
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    Looks like it was in a fire.
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    No fire. It was found in the woods along what was known as Outlaw Trail in Arkansas.
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    I'd probably bid on it if you happen to list it.
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    let us know if you list it
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    What would be a fair price to list all these parts on the auction site? I always list my items with the opening bid being the least I will take. I never sell cheaper than the opening bid and never a reserve. No one cent auctions. Please give me a fair opening bid value.
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