Forming Brass Cases

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I have the opportunity to purchase forming dies for the 6mm Int. and the 6.5-270. I do not shoot either of these. Are they popular? Would the brass sell well on GB? I ran a search on completed auctions and came up empty handed.


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    both are rather obscure and have a 'limited' following, nothing I'd put a lot of $$ into.
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    Agree with Mike, re 6mm Int. As the 270, is a necked down 30-06. It seems to me that the 6.5-270. Is just another name for the 6.5-06. With the current explosion of interest, in all the 6.5 cartridges. Likely wouldn't have any difficulty, finding a buyer on the auction. Long as you can get into the dies, inexpensively.
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    Neither of these cartridges is what I would call 'popular' or currently in demand.

    The 6mm International has several versions based on the .250 Savage or the .22-250 Remington. Originally it was off the .250 Savage. The version most often seen was the Walker version with the shoulder pushed back to a slightly improved angle, leaving a longer neck. But be aware that there are probably something close to 5 or 6 other versions. This was originally used as a benchrest cartridge before the onslaught of the PPC.

    There are just as many versions of the 6.5-06 as the International, depending on which case you had more of on hand. The '06 version was basically the standard but many folks used the .270 Winchester or the .280 Remington. You have to know the chamber and the basic brass dimensions.

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    From Marketing 101:
    a) verify/establish customer base.
    b) provide product.

    Any questions?
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