Remington 513-T redux

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Don't know why my first thread on this subject got locked, but it did. So a follow up. Got it all bedded and it turned out pretty good. Because the rear of the receiver is U shaped it gets locked in the bedding despite it only having one mounting screw. Free floated the barrel and compared it to not floating by adding a piece of inner tube at the front of the channel. Could see no difference except for the point of impact so I'm going to leave it free and finish the stock. It will hold the 10 ring and mostly X on the A23 target at 50yd with Wolf ammo. I still get a few fliers with Fed automatch but it's not bad for the price. I had a Remington Target missfire trying it out, didn't shoot any good anyhow. I've still got a little Tenex left and will try that, but for price I doubt I'll get any more. I didn't notice that cleaning between brands made any difference, but it may over the long run. Sure doesn't hurt. I also ordered a Savage MKII BTVS in stainless HB. We'll see how that compares. It should be here Tuesday.


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    Threads (usually questions) on the Ask the Experts Forum are locked after 10 posts.

    If you want to 'converse' about the 513-T or anything else, you might try posting on the General Discussion forum.
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    Tuning is trial and error work, keeping good notes helps.

    So how much up pressure did your rubber shim provide? Perhaps it was too much. That's why I like the hang it upside down with a weight method - reproducible. Layers of card or thin brass shim stock can provide rapid adjustments to see if a little more force helps or not.

    Although I have several rim-fires I'm not all that excited with trying to wring out the last bit of accuracy because I'm not the one loading the ammo. With center-fire I get to choose/set lots of variables exactly for the firearm in question.

    I'd start with lapping that new stainless bore first thing.
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    Hard to say what the rubber shim pressure was. I could try the weight thing, but it's so good right now it's hardly worth it. I think the pressure on the original hump in the stock was pretty stiff, I've been working for several days sanding out the channel. I've got it free with a standard piece of paper but I'd like to get it free with a business card.

    Took the Mossberg 144LS out again today just to verify and it's all over the place. It's outta here.

    Yeah, I've got a custom M1A1 in 7.62 NATO that holds less than 2" at 200yds if I could use the military metallic sights any more, but that's history with my presbyopic eyes. Also have a Savage 112J in 220 Swift that I really haven't tuned that good, but I used to shoot pigeons off the barn roof at 150 yds and never missed. that's the other project.

    I just find it lots easier to shoot the rimfire for the price of bullets, but it's not like I can't afford it. And I have a real convenient 50 yd range that's nearly wind free in the bottom land. It's in the shade, through the barn and no one hears me, the wife doesn't even complain either, but she's going half deaf. She claims she can't hear it which I doubt. But I'm not concerned about the noise, plenty of acreage here. Not a house within 1 mile of any of my ranges.

    Thanks for the hints guys. I'll see if they help. Yes, records.

    I suppose lapping is with JB Compound or similar?
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