Bronze point ammo

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I have some bronze point bullets for a .270. They are old, I am guessing 60s or 70s. I was wondering how good they are for deer? Will they be as effective as a general soft point bullet?


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    Dead Right There. I think 270's were rare compared to others.
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    I used those 40 years ago for coyotes in a 30-06. Loved them.
    Shot on Pronghorn with them. Bullet fragmented. I didn't like them
    at all for that purpose.YMMV.
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    I used the BP bullets 40(ish) years back and found them to be literally "explosive" on deer. 150 grainers from a 30/06 would give a 4" exit IF they exited.
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    The bronze point ammunition is still available although not as popular as it was originally given all the new technology in bullets.


    Yes, it will harvest deer or even elk with the heavier bullet. Just avoid a shoulder shot. I used it years ago and still have some reserved for a .30-06 rifle which shows excellent accuracy with this particular load.

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    if you read here about the fourth category of bullets you will see it's purpose is to fragment the bullet.

    just because you could doesn't mean you should
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    I've always used the Nos Paartition, but my uncle ALWAYS used the bronze point. AS previously mentioned, it does not take much to finish gutting the critter. Just dump the juice out of the carcass!!!
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    I took a 200lb pig years ago with a 180gr bronze point in 30-06. it only took one shot.
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    The Bronze Point, basically in layman terms, is the Nosler Ballistic Tip, before there were Ballistic Tips. The tip helps the ballistic coefficient, and helps initiate expansion.

    That said, Remington has not worked with jacket design, like Nosler has, where the big game bullets that Nosler has a tapered jacket for controlled expansion. Their early ones did not, and a 150 grainer out of a 300 Winchester Magnum(leaving the muzzle near 3400 fps), delivered to a huge Whitetail buck, on the shoulder at 225 yards rolled him over twice...then he got up and ran. I was not impressed, to say the least. So with that in mind, and the straight jacket that Remington uses, do not plan on anything with heavy bone. If I had stuffed that behind the shoulder, that deer would not have ran. Nosler has since addressed that, and have different styles of B-Tips for different quarry...read carefully, and choose wisely.

    As for the Bronze Point. stay off the heavy bone, and you should be fine.
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