Ruger Standard and MkII pistols

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What year was the improvement of the bolt hold open after the last round? Did it start with the MKII or did some of the later Standard pistols (1949-81) have this?


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    I have a NRA publication, ( On Rugers ), that reproduces, their January 1982 cover. It announces the availability of the Mark II. And notes that it will have a last shot hold open. That the previous models didn't have.
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    Correct. The Standard pistol (also referred to as the MKI) had no Bolt hold open after the last shot.
    If I recall, the Standard frame was changed in 1971, at which time the magazine button moved from the right to the left but still had no hold open.
    I just picked up a 1981 Standard, no last shot hold open but the bolt can be held back by pushing up on the safety, released by pushing down on the safety.
    In 1982 the end of the MKI Standard was marked with a Bill Ruger Signture edition, stainless steel w/ his engraved signature in a 1 of 5,000 edition and it had no bolt hold open.
    But, the MKII first appeared in 1982 with a bolt hold open after the last shot and a 10 round magazine.
    Dan R
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    Much appreciated. I once had a MKII and sold it years ago, yep regrets, off to the auction side.
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