Sources; Military Firearm Issue By Ser. Number?

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I'm sure any military firearm collector has occasionally been curious about the who, what, when, where, etc. regarding what they have.

Aside from collector/reference books available showing manufacture dates and contracts for certain firearms, are there any sources available for determining the history on a particular firearm by it's serial number? I'm guessing this would not be likely since its probably archived by the military somewhere and not accessible. I have been researching my Grandfather's WWI Army experience and it's a slow, painstaking (an frequently unproductive) process.

It would be interesting to have a name (especially if it had been issued to someone famous), but it would also be equally if not more satisfying to know anything else specific to it, such as; when it was issued, how many times it had been re-issued, where it has been if possible by some means, etc.


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