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I am in the process of having my first "real" 1000 yard gun built. I plan to put a Nightforce scope on it and here's my question: Should I get the 8-32X56 or the 12-42X56 scope? In my understanding, more magnification leads to more distortion, so I'm not sure if I should go for the 12-42, or not...so I figured I would pose this question to the experts to see what you guys think. Thanks in advance for any feedback.[:D]



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    Higher mag will show the "heat marage" more, which may not be a totaly bad thing (helps to judge windage). Nightforce has some of the worlds best optics.
    If your question isn't answered to your satisfaction here, you might check out the site mentioned in the next paragraph.
    There are a lot of 1000yd plus shooters (including a guy that designed one of the Nightforce reticles) that would be happy to answer your questions over at www.longrangehunting.com

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    I used mine at 32x yesterday,..but with temp being 75deg,..there was no problem running it up to max power,...I could have probably used 42x if I had it. When the mirage gets bad (heat from earth and barrel) you will undoubtedly have to dial back in the power,..which could put you in the 20-24x range, to get a clear look. However both scopes have this power range,..so it's not an issue.

    If it will be strictly a bench gun,..I would say go 12-42x but I like lots of power,..so that's just my .02

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