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For getting new brass I bought 1 Doz. 50 rnd boxes of S&B 158 gr. R.N.L 38 spl. This stuff was all up and down the crono. Some of it split the case and some of it sounded like a sqib load. Velocity was extremely wide range. Anybody have any experience like this with this stuff?

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    Like it says on the box; if for any reason you are dissatisfied by our product, feel free to let us know, and we'll replace it.

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    Wow, sounds unusual to me. I've never had any problems with S&B ammo. Who did you buy the ammo from? How old is it? And what kind of conditions was it stored in?
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    I've had good results with other calibers, you might have just had a bad batch. This is usually a quality brand.

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    It is usually good stuff. Maybe it was made during their recent heatwave. Since 38 brass lasts a long time, you would have been much better off just buying some once fired brass--it's usually cheap and plentiful and you usually get better brass.

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    S&B brass usually last for ever in other calibers, I can't imagine how long the 38 brass would last. Sounds like a bad batch.

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    I use it and never had a problem.

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    Thanks for all of the great feedback. After the first 6 rounds I blew the rest up in a Rugar 357. In looking at the primers it seems to be about 10% of the stuff is very hot. 1 or 2 split cases per box and 5/6 with severly cratered primers. I looked 3 times and do not see anywhere [ if not satisfied return and we will replace ] or anything like those words. There is no lot # or I would post it. It came from boats and guns in Kokomo Ind. Thanks again for all the input.

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