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what right now is your best selling rifle,pistol,and what is your catch to get customers into your store?we offer the background check included in our price for a gun and charge no fees if they use a credit card or debit.we also hook the customer up with ammo etc what do you do?



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    Best selling long guns are .17 caliber rifles. Handguns vary between Ruger semi auto .22's and Ruger p94 .40's. We have no gimmicks to lure customers just honest competetive prices and the best customer service around. we do not charge for background checks and selling game licenses brings a ton of guys into the store. Word of mouth and customer satisfaction brings us customers more than gimmick pricing and giveaways.
    Also consignment items are great to have and we have a lawaway program also.
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    SEMPER FI from Colorado--Combat engineer 1961-1966. SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE!!!!!! Have been in the business for many years, and good treatment of customers, knowledge of your products, and fair prices will win them over eventually. You cannot win the WAL-Mart crowd over easily, so be ready for a challenge. Don't ever preach YOUR views to a customer, but listen to them describe their needs and wants, then offer advice based on your experience. You're a MARINE: you can make it work! Nice scout-sniper graphic! Good on ya! LUKE
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    The hottest pistols we sell are Glocks,Gov't Models,Desert Eagle 50AE, & Rugers. For rifles the best sellers are the Ruger 10/22,Colt & Bushmaster Sporters, & Remington models 700 & 7400. For shotguns, we sell alot of EAA/Saiga 12, EAA/Baikal MP153, & Remington 11-87 models. Revolver sells are far & few between. We sell alot of used revolvers. Any accessories for Gov't models & AR-15 are hot. Usually, if our customer purchases a scope setup or various parts we'll give discounts & install/boresight for free. We give frequent buyer & law enforcement discounts also. Occasionaly we do special orders for high end items at no additional charge.[8D]

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    Waiving background check fees for guns purchased there, won't pull me into a store. Charging for them WILL keep me out. Understandable for FFL transfers, but never if I bought the gun from the dealer whose doing the check. My favorite dealer doesn't charge me for FFL transfers purchased from others either. Consequently he gets purchases for all my ammo, reloading and whatever other outdoor gear he handles.

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