Marlin Lever action 410 (old)

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What years were they produced and how many of them were made.



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    From the Marlin talk board.quote:The Marlin 410 was introduced in 1929 as a stock incentive. It was a model 1893 receiver, with pistol grip stock, and a oversized forearm. It was fitted with a real shotgun barrel, not a rifle barrel chambered to .410 ga. It is chambered for 2.5" shells and in good shape, they are very desireable! Actually even well used they are sought after, since they only made them for 4 years.
    Marlin offered these guns for free with 4 shares of preferred stock, at $25 per share. In the last year they were cataloged, they were offered for outright purchase, at about $32 each.
    They are great shooting guns as you well know. If your's is not totally destroyed, I would advise some TLC, but not a refinish. A little cleanup/touchup would be much better.
    Hope this helps.


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    they go for anywhere from 600 to 800 dollars these days. if it has checking, even more. they dont like to cycle reloads too well. factory rounds work best. ive been shooting skeet with mine for ages. great guns. goes to prove that the new gun generation cant think of anything new and exciting, all they do is take an old idea and remarket it. look at the new 410 levers....marlin did it 80 years ago!
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    I have a Marlin Model 410 lever-action shotgun in very good condition.
    Unfortunately, long before I received it someone had reblued the beast and got a litle heavy-handed with the polishing wheel. The bluing and polish are very deep and good, but the MODEL 410 on the tang was partially erased.
    Actually, for me, this is a good thing. The shotgun doesn't have a single pit or spot of rust on it and it functions perfectly, but with the marking damaged it may not be of much use to collectors.
    I used to hunt grouse with mine in Idaho. At close range it did the job.
    The Marlin 410 is designed for the 2-1/2 shell ONLY. In fact, the introduction of the 3-inch .410 shell spelled its doomsday.
    The action for the Marlin 410 is based on the Marlin 1893 rifle. Action length dictates that only 2-1/2 inch shells will work through it.
    My particular Marlin 410 has serial number U5XX under the lever. No one knows why some shotguns' serial number were preceded with that U. Not even Brophy in his definitive book on Marlin firearms.
    The Marlin 410 has a very bulbous forend which, frankly, makes it clumsy in my hands. Perhaps others like it. But it has the typical, thin shotgun barrel of other 410 shotguns. It bears only a bead, there are no rifle sights on it.
    The magazine doesn't go to the end of the barrel but is half-magazine, hidden under the forend.
    This is what Winchester should have done with their new shotguns. That long magazine adds weight and is clumsy.
    Winchester tried to merge a rifle with a shotgun and they got neither. I've handled the Winchester and, to me, it's a clumsy affair.
    But that long magazine appeals to the "survivalist" crowd and those that just NEED all the shots they can stuff into it.
    The Marlin 410 is a nifty, old gun. I sure enjoy mine. I've been surprised at how quickly the value has elevated in the past five years or so. Apparently, people are awakening to what a great gun they were.

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    As it happens, I just bought a new model Marlin 410 on Saturday. This is a nicely balanced shotgun with beautiful wood.


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