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I know that I can convert my Glock33 to shoot .40s&w. I was wondering if it could be converted to shoot 9mm by changing out the barrel and using different magazines?

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    Base/head diameter of the 9mm is, .392. Base/head diameter of the 40 S & W is, .423.
    This means that the extractor has .015 less material to get a purchase on when it pulls the fired case from the chamber.
    Even though it might function sporadically, don't see it being totally reliable.
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    Although it probably wouldn't happen, there's also a question of liability.

    From an economic standpoint, the cost of a second hand 9mm Glock might prove far wiser. You'd probably end up spending $150 for conversion and maybe another $50 getting someone to make the extractor work properly if it can be done which puts you halfway towards another Glock which would work better from the getgo.

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    .40S&W is the only conversion for the G33 that Glock recommends. Glock does not recommend that models in any other caliber be converted to 9mm, nor that their 9mm models be converted into any others.

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    Or, sell the 33 and get a 20 or 29 and then you can shoot 10mm, .40 S&W, and .357 SIG by just swapping the barrels.

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    That sounds good, but I like the compact size of the 33, 27, and 26.

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    A couple of years ago some Glock wizards on a Glock website determined the only difference between G17-19 frames and the 40 cal frames was the addition of an additional pin tying the steel rails to the plastic frame.
    A drawing was posted giving the pin size and locating dimensions to drill the hole.
    This would allow conversion of the 9mm G17 & 19 to 40 cal and 357 SIG with the purchase of a 40 cal slide and two barrels.
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