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I want to know what is the best type of ammo to use for deer hunting with the 7.62x54r would it be fmj,sp,any others? And who makes a good shell?[?]


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    Artic wolf, The FMJ will go right through the deer. Use the SP, you can pick up some at an gun show or sportmen guide. The are real
    cheap but they are steel case and can not be reloaded. I use the Barnaul Ammunkition that is made in Russia. I think that it is 203gr bullet. It has an lead core bullet, soft point, boat tail, non-corrosive, and lacquered steel case. I only found one problem in using steel case, sometime they will crack at the neck of the case.

    Hope this help.[8D]

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    Yes, a soft point by all means! I have also shot the steel cased Russian ammo, but you can also buy reloadable brass cased 7.62x54mm made by Sellier&Bellot at less than $10 a box ($9.25 per box for less than 5 boxes, or $8.75 for 5) from J&G Sales, 928-445-9650.
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    Get the Sellier and Bellot. It is a little more accurate than that Russian stuff.
    I have some of the Russian stuff, it is ok, smells funky when you shoot it. It would make good hunting ammo.
    As to the full metal jacket, I have often wondered how well it would kill, considering that you usually don't get that good of expansion with a regular soft point, anyway. I think the fmj would kill pretty well on a good lung shot, but I have never tried it. For one thing, it is illegal.
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    In many states it is illegal to use fmj ammo for deer hunting. Soft point!

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