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How do you all,

Where could I get some information on what powders and loads their using on the heavier 22cal. bullets in the 223. I just don't want to buy another handloading manual just to play with some 75 grn bullets. I have a Savage 10 FP with one and nine twist. I want to see if it will stablize them.

223 ark


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    Try these:

    www.benchrest.com/sst (look at powder section)

    All three sites list loads for the .223 and 75 grain bullets. You have to check the Hodgdon site when using the 'sst' site map.

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    Hey nononsence,
    Thanks for the info. Looking forward to chatin with you'all on this forum. 223ark
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    I have a Savage 10FP also. Don't waste your time with a round that heavy. The 10FP will tolerate a 62gr, but it will not stabilize the heavier rounds no matter how much powder. Of course, it may also just be my rifle. I found that the Hornady 55gr V-Max will give me 1/2 inch shot groups at 200 yards. For a 223, that is about how far you want to go with that round. You won't face an urban situation where you will use a 223 in longer distances. If you do have a need to reach out and touch someone farther than that in an Urban environment, you would proably use a 308 to get the penetration without over-penetration. At distances less than 200 yards in an urban environment, the 55gr 223 will give you enough knock-out power (provided you place the round correctly) and will not give you over-penetration.

    Naturally, I am assuming quite a bit here. I never asked why you wanted a heavier round.

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    if you load this round, the bullet may tumble as it goes downrange, i'm assuming the standard 223 rifling. check the paper for a nice round hole.
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    3-47 inf ,
    Just wanting to play around with them. Had bought these 75s when I still had my 20 HB AR, with 1-7 twist. Always wanted to try them out then, just did'nt find my round 2it. Thought I might smack an ole ground pig out there at some way out there range. I do know my Savage has a 1-9 twist. May have to try a lighter bullet. Want to get as heavy a one that it will fly right.

    Thanks for replying, chat at ya later, 223ark
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