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I have a Remington 870 express magnum. what I Want to know is it a better to just keep it and buy a new barrel for grouse.
Or buy a winchester model 1300. because a 28inch barrel is to long for grouse were I hunt.[?][?]

ex the legal length for my area is 18 inches


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    I believe I would check around for a used barrel for the 870.

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    hmmm, i think 28" is the shortest a 3" 870 mag bbl comes in. i may be wrong. guys, help me out. what length is legal for your area? 26"?
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    Remington makes barrels all the way down to 21" with their rem chokes or 18" with a fixed choke.... best grouse barrel I ever had was one that started out as a 30" full and I cut down, what I would do is cut the barrel off right in front of a vent rib post , smooth up the cut and take it out and check the pattern it would throw , if it didn't look good then I cut it off back to the next post until I got a decent pattern out of it , barrel was about 24" when I quit , then I just took it to a gunsmith , had twin bads put on it . shot alot of birds witht that barrel ..
    check here on the gun parts pages or e-bay is a good place to watch , pawn shops in your area or gunshops usually have used barrels ,, decent barrel for what you want should run maybe as little as $50 up to $100 ....
    just the other day I picked up a like new 870 12 gauge barrel-- 26" vent rib choked imp.cyl 2 3/4" chamber for $50 at a local gun shop,,,
    most people these days do not want a fixed choke barrel so they can go pretty cheap some times ,, just look around [:D]
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    go out and get a 26 or 24 inch barrel with rem chokes. try cabellas you will pay alot but cuts down on the run around

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    Artic Wolf one other thought is to have your barrel shorten by a gunsmith and them have them rethread it for your rem chokes , places like Gander Mountain does this type of work , ( and others ) runs around $100 if I remember right [:D]
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