Info on Pellet Rifle / Daisy made in Scotland

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As the title says, I have found a single shot break down barrel Daisy 177 cal pellet rifle. Wood stock, built-on receiver rail for scope, not grooved. The stamping on the receiver says "Made in Scotland for Daisy".
Any info a +.

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    Since none of the members can answer your question, perhaps if you post it on Diamonds Airgun Forum, somebody could help you?

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    I used to have a single-shot pellet/BB gun by Daisy that was made in Scotland, it was very accurate, had a leather patch where you put the pellet into the "chamber", adjustable sights, nice wood stock.
    My Granpa gave it to me to keep squirrels out of the pool. Can't remember the model number, but It was well-used when I got it in 1960.

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    Hello Budreaux. You must be from Louisiana, no? I'm in Jefferson Parish. A few years back I came into a similar break-barrel Daisy .177 pellet rifle. One cock, no pumping. Not a Benjamin, but a very nice shooter still. Mine has only open sights, nicely-blued/blacked with one-piece oak stock. Butt has maybe fifteen grooves where a butt plate would otherwise be. On the very stern of the metal is the Daisy, Scotland info, also Model 220. I sent a letter with a photo to Daisy in Arkansas hoping to learn more, ie. dates of manufacture, any kind of brochure, but only got a nice letterhead reply that they had no info on the out-of-production rifles made in Scotland. All I've done to it besides good cleaning and oiling was dig out the hardened seal where the barrel seats on the air chamber and replaced it with a rubber O-ring. It shoots hard and fairly true - I've shot a few rats with it in the past at 40-50 feet. That's all I know about the rifle. It has been in our family for some time...lots of kids have used it and it has been durable. Best, Jim

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    Budreaux, I went to the kitchen pantry (where the pellet rifle is kept with a 35 mm film can of pellets hanging on the trigger guard) and retrieved the rifle and some cheese and crackers. It actually has 21 grooves on the buttstock simulating a butt pad. The actual engraving is "Made For Daisy in Scotland" Has the large stylized letter "D" in Daisy. After that it says "220" which I have assumed means model 220 but I did not get a confirmation of that from Daisy. Also "177 cal" is stamped on the "receiver". Front sight is ball on post mounted on a band around the muzzle. Rear sight has a wheel to adjust for elevation. There is no windage adjustment. The fore area of the one-piece stock has finger groove on each side. That's about it.
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    Sounds like the same one I have only mine is not in great shape but still shoots.
    I am in Arkansas but married a Cajun Lady from New Iberia. Lived there for a while and enjoy our trips there, except for the 8.5 hr ride :-)
    Thanks for the reply folks. If anyone has more info on timeline and manufacture, feel free to add to this. I enjoy history!
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