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Hi to all again. I have been gone for a while, but am back in the game, so here is my question.
I am looking to purchase a Ruger mini 30, SS, with a walnut stock, and am having a hard time finding out the value of such an animal. Looks to be in great shape, shot very little, and the owner is a close family member. I just want to make sure he gets what it is truly worth.
Can any of you experts tell me the current value of such a rifle, other than looking up the info in the blue book?
Appreciate your input, and I'm glad to be back.



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    I have posted a lot on this gun, I have had for about 4 years and I guesimate 2000 rounds through it. It has a beautiful Ruger finish, wood, accessories, and assortment of pistol grip stocks and large cap mags as well as muzzle brakes and scopes. The trigger group is smooth, if stiff, but the firing pin is weak against the commie ammo, and misfires a lot. I figured out that CHEETAH ammo, South Aferican, brass cased and close to the cost of Wolf, is close to price to Wolf, but never misfires like the cheap Russian or Norinco stuff does (about one in 30). Aside from this it compares favorably in accuracy against an SAR-1, AK, but the mags SUCK. I suspect that if the AWB is sunsetted it may increase in value if someone makes some decent 30 round ammo mags that can stand being dropped on the ground, but wonder what it may be worth now used? Should I sell it and get another SAR-1? Those things (SAR-1) are indestructable, and reliable, if less accurate. I want opinions on both please.
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    Will the stock off a Mini 14 fit on a Mini 30 or vise versa???
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    Anybody have an opinion on this firearm. I'm thinking about buying a used one in excellent condition. I want a semi-auto and the .380 seems like the right calibur. Thoughts?Thanks,G36
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    I purchased an Arsenal Inc AK 47 a couple months ago, its my first AK type rifle. I've been very impressed with this rifle. I am now considering purchasing a Ruger Mini 30 and attaching a folding stock. Any experiences with this rifle? Thanks in advance for any comments.
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    My gut feelings are the Mini 30 is a victim of bad timing and cost. It came out when AK's and SKS's have flooded the American market.

    Kinda like selling snowcones in a blizzard comes to mind.

    If you want a cheap, accurate shooter, you might consider the SKS that takes AK mags. Not real pricy yet, but if the AWB is reinstated, expect them to circle the moon.

    Doesn't look like it will be at this point, but you have to plan for these contengencies.

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    Your mini Thirty is worth about $675-$712 Now is not the time to sell
    you would be better of selling it in about five to ten years when all the sks and ak supplys go down. I have a yugo sks It never jams or misfires and i shoot Brown bear ammo wolf ammo and winnchester.
    It is very accurate up to 300m. And is very reliable. I have never had a problem with it, and i have a 30r clip and i have put 100s of rounds throught it and still works like new. And it was $189 unissued[;)]
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    I own both
    a mini 14 and a mini 30 and they are some of my favorite rifles to shoot. I shoot nothing but Wolf ammo through them and have never had a problem. I think the key to that success is the type of mags I use. The factory Ruger mags are the best, but cost an arm and a leg. The only other mags that I use are Eagle or Ramline which are constructed of smoked black lexan. Again, if you can find one, they too are pretty high priced, but they work excellent in my mini's. Both of my guns are "souped up" with a heavier than stock recoil springs and lighter trigger and sear springs. I can empty a 30 rd. mag in about 7 seconds without any feeding problems. The mags can usually be found on GB, but not too often. Guys want to hang on too them because they don't make them anymore. I love my mini's! Light, reliable, and some serious firepower! I hope Iv'e helped you!

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    Promag makes high quality 10 round mags for both the mini-14 and mini-30. They are designed just like the ruger factory mags and cost around $15.
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    I have both the mini-14 and the 30. Accuracy is so so but I paid less than $500 for the mini-30 and bought the 14 back in 1983. Are you using USA mags? Some work and some don't. I bought an ARS mini-14, paid for it too, and it shoots half inch groups at 100 yards with a cheap scope. But, like I said, its not cheap. On A More Perfect Union BBS, they have all sorts of experts and links on both that can help you find tune both without paying an arm and a leg. With some fairly simple modifications some of the guys are getting 2" or less groups with the min-30.
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