1826 percussion gun

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Hi every one I have a percussion muzzle loading long arm that I can't seem to find any info on it is stamp 1826 Neif_ unable to read last letter bore measures .730 barrel measures 41.250 inches long. Also has a crown over FW over N. 890 on top of barrel any help on the maker and country would be a great help


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    The FW stands for Friedrich Wilhelm III, King of Prussia from 1797 to 1840, so it would be of Prussian/German origin. If it's percussion stamped 1826, it would have been converted from flintlock.

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    Prussia was the first country to adopt a breech loading, self contained cartridge, military firearm in the 1840's. ( Dreyse Needle Rifle). Because of this, all their muzzle loading rifles became obsolete.

    During the U.S. Civil War in the 1860's. Many of these ex Prussian muzzle loaders, were exported to U.S.. And purchased by the federal government, in great quantities for us by the Union forces. Generally they are known as, Potsdam muskets by U.S. collectors.

    They are not especially rare, and would only substantial value. If in Very Good or better arsenal original condition.
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    The "Neif" is actually "Neisse", the Prussian arsenal where your musket was manufactured. Neisse is now part of Poland.
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    Thanks you ruf-snow and spider7115 for your helpful info on this weapon my customer will be most happy Dan
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