Albright Checkered Steel Trapdoor Buttplate?

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Today I bought a cardboard box full of dusty, musty gun parts from a gunsmith's estate. As I inventoried the items, I came across three small generic tattered boxes, each bearing the handwritten note, "Winchester 52 Sporter". Inside each box was a beautifully checkered, blued steel trapdoor buttplate with a pointed widow's peak at the very top. The plates are not marked "Winchester" but are stamped "AP" and "Patent Pending" on the back. The trapdoor is spring-loaded and opens towards the heel of the stock. My initial Internet research suggests these items might have been manufactured by Albright and, if so, the manufacturer went out of business somewhere between 25 to 30 years ago.

I know nothing about Winchester's Model 52 or Albright, so can someone help me out while I try to post some pictures? Are these Winchester factory, Albright aftermarket, or other buttplates? Do they have any commercial value in today's market?

Again, I'll try to post some pictures but, in the meantime, would appreciate any thoughts on what I've come up with. Thanks in advance.

ADDED: The buttplates look exactly like the one at this website, but without any manufacturer's markings on the inside: http://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/griffin-howe-niedner-style-hinged-139158115


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