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I was reading an article in my gun magazine about the 25-20 by Remington and was wondering if they are available now or are they just collector items? If they are how available are the cases and bullets for reloading? THANKS


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    The 25-20 has been obsolete for years. The last new ones made, as far as I know? When Marlin made a short production run, back in the early 90's.

    Ammo, brass and bullets aren't easy to come by. Even reloading for it, would be likely pricy.
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    Are you talking about the 25-20 Win? Not very common but it can be found. Cast bullets work if you are into reloading.

    There was a 25 Rem, same family case as the 30 and 32. Brass and ammo are harder to find.

    Not the same as the 25-20 Single Shot.


    added Midway has new 32-20 brass for about a quarter a pop - they would size down, might need reamed.
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    Don't know what others have experienced but I reload for the .25-20 Winchester. Now, if you are talking about the Remington Model 25 in .25-20, yes they are rather hard to find and can be pricey. However, the Marlin lever actions in .25-20 do show up now and then. . I believe there is currently one listed on the auction side. They are a lot of fun to shoot and can be much more useful than many folks suppose.
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    I have the Marlin 1894 in 25-20 Winchester and it's a fun little cartridge. I reload for it using the Hornady 60 grain jacketed flat point. Brass and the little 60 grainer are a bit difficult to find but not overly so. My Marlin carries a Williams rear peep with a Lyman 17 globe front sight and an older Weaver 1.5 to 5X scope with the "swing mount" style base.

    If you do a look up on the auction side you'll see a few rifles. Mostly older stuff. If you'd like something new I'm sure you could get a barrel made for a T/C Encore or Contender single shot.
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    Lead bullets for the 25-20 are readily available on the auction side from Dan The Bullet Man. I just bought some for a Remington #2 I'm working on, he sells a quality product at a reasonable price.
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