adj. muzzle Brake--how made??-(-cconan)

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What do you add or modify to make a muzzle brake adjustable??


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    I would want a long smooth shank to keep it aligned and a jam nut. Personally I have no use for muzzle breaks.

    added I'm not sure your low pressure 45-70 rounds will do much recoil reduction with a break. I would just use lighter bullets like a 300 grain and less powder. Perhaps have some directed vents EDM into your barrel. Mag.na.port comes to mind. http://www.magnaport.com/

    My Mexican small ring Mauser is in 45-70. About 6.5# and has a Cutts compensator type muzzle brake. It came that way, I forgot the name of the gunsmith that built it. I got it from Mr. 45-70 before he passed. With full loads it will talk to you. Still its a pansy compared to my 600 Remington in 45-350 Rem Mag built by P.O. Ackley. It is 5.25# loaded with sling. Loading data essentially is take 45-70 #1 Ruger top loads add 5 grains as the starting point.

    If I make it to 84, I hope to be still be shooting.


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    Are you referring to something like the BOSS system which is a muzzlebrake that can be adjustable front and back to change the barrel harmonics?
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    Thanks for your considerations---I as looking for a feature to adjust the amount of recoil reduction--I made one 60 yrs ago for an 8mm Mauser
    using water pipe, set screws & a hend held electric drill--It succeded in pulling the rifle fwd & blowing my cap off, and ringing my ears..
    didn't need one for an 8mm anyhow---but my 45-70 arisaka action and
    my 84 yr old shoulders need some help now---I got ear plugs !!<G>
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    Recoil reduction is based on the amount gas that is redirected, rearward toward the shooter. There are a lot of different designs, some better than others in diverting the gas rearward.

    The only adjustment I have ever seen on muzzle brakes. Is a sleeve that fits over the brake. It blocks the gas from being diverted.. The more holes in the brake it blocks, the less gas is able to be diverted rearward.
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