Colt Mustang 380 ACP

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I have been looking at Colt Mustangs here on the sight and at a couple of shops locally. I like the all steel models better, blued finish would be my choice. I have never shot one before and was wondering if any one has owned one and could give me there opinion of what they thought of them? Function over beauty has kind of always been my motto when it comes to firearms, I've seen a lot of smaller pistols have problems, and some perform like a Swiss watch.


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    I've had one and prefer the Sig P238. Mine is the HD variant which is all stainless steel however they also make them with alloy frames.

    Both are reliable, but the Sig grip just feel better in my hand.

    I realize this is a personal opinion and your hands may prefer the Mustang. Until you handle one or both, it's hard to say.
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    I have three of the Mustangs, two of which I have never had any problems with. They have cycled all ammo I have used in them, never had a jam with either. The third one is new never fired.
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    I had one of the original, alloy frame, light weight ones. Years ago, until it got stolen.

    It functioned OK. But the single action mechanism was a negative. As far as every day carry was concerned.

    Carried it in a pocket holster. With the hammer down, and a live round in the chamber. Had to cock the hammer, for it to be "hot".

    Double action is much quicker, to get into action. All is required is for you to pull the trigger. Went to a KelTec P 11 9MM. And never regretted it. 9MM is much more potent than .380. Also the KelTec held any where from 2 to 7 rounds more ammo. Depending which magazine you used.
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    I own a Mustang in stainless steel. It's a Plus II model that has a longer grip than the standard Mustang and holds two more rounds. It's a great gun that's never given me any problems. I also own a SIG P238 that is basically the same as a Mustang except that mine is blued with night sights and the front sight is also fiber optic as well. It has an alloy frame and is lighter than the Colt. It accepts a 7 round magazine, same as my Mustang II. I actually like the SIG better to carry and it's more accurate. However if I were to buy only one, it would be the Colt as it's a beautiful pistol and I prefer the steel frame.
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    I've got an older Mustang, had it for years, never had any problems.
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    Like Rufe Snow's experience, I had one for quite a few years, carried it in deep concealment, and found it sometimes a bit awkward to quickly get into action. In a holster with a thumb-snap tab that blocked the hammer, I felt OK with it "cocked-and-locked". But other carries, it was hammer down, I couldn't or wouldn't trust the safety to not get pushed off. And I could foresee the rounded hammer possibly awkward to cock, if in a hurry or under great stress. So I replaced it with a Ruger LCP. I have tested that pistol extensively, it has always gone bang, fed the ammo I use with complete reliability, and has been relatively easy to shoot with adequate accuracy. I know doesn't have the Colt machine work and finish, but the safety and reliability counts for a lot. And it is lighter and conceals well.
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    Mine says government pocket lite
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    While I do not subscribe to liking them, I own one to go with my Colt collection. It should be carried holstered, cocked and locked, and the hammer should not be lowered on a live round. To do so without a decocker, increased the chance of an AD. It can also be carried in deep concealment, with no chambered round.

    It has had total reliability issues since its inception, and would not be my first choice in a carry gun. However, if I were going to go with that platform, I would most likely opt for the Sig Sauer 938, chambered in 9mm. More stopping power, although marginal by some standards, and less expensive, these days to shoot, and practice with.

    With it saying "Colt", you will always maintain its value.
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    I own 3. Great guns. But my carry is the Ruger LCP.
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    Thanks you everyone for your input, It helped in my decision. I will go with the Mustang Plus2, or should I say I already did. The longer grips sounded better and the fact that it is a Colt can only help, collectable wise.
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