Gustav Genschow garden gun, needs extractor...

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Picked up a Gustav Genschow & Co ALFA garden gun. Decent shape, but it is missing the extractor, or at least most of it. Looks like some of the American made single shot 22's, and others from Europe as well (BRNO, etc) but not sure if other extractors will fit. The extractor is basically the lower half of the chamber, and attached to a long arm that is pulled back when the bolt is pulled to the rear. Anyone know where to even start to look for one?

Well, not sure why my computer doesn't like the angelfire link, but I cannot see it. I found the front of the extractor, but the bottom of it that rides under the bolt is missing.


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    You need to post a pic or 2 of what you have or go look at all the single shot mechanisms extractor styles like a Remington rolling block, Stevens, H&R, Winchester, etc. Most likely you will be making the part as finding something close enough to "fit" is doubtful.

    added: good work guys that looks like an easy part to make. the cut and paste trick worked for me.
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    Here is a photo of what it looks like. Got it off the net. Not going to be easy to find. Likely the original, probably would date to the 1920's or earlier?

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    rufe-snow's link is being blocked. Here is a direct link to his picture:



    I am able cut & paste the link, and, then, I can see the picture.


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