adjustable rear sight for 1903a3

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hello.....I have a National Ordnance 1903a3 rifle. I bought it in the 1970s. It has a Remington 2 groove barrel on an unknown receiver. The Receiver is stamped National Ordnance(N.O.) and it was registered under the N.O. number. It came with a plastic handguard over the barrel. It appears UNFIRED. I have had it for a SHTF gun as the .30 06 caliber can be a universal gun with the right loads. I have made the barrel free floating by cutting off the end of the stock, removing the clamp that held the stacking swivel. I have read that the rear sights are for 200 and 300 yards. I would like to install MATCH Grade receiver sights to the gun so I can make a small group at the bench. I want 1/4 minute adjustments so I can find each loads center of impact...then plot all the settings so any load I pick up I can have best accuracy right off the bat....PROBLEM is the existing receiver target sights require drilling and tapping the receiver. I can't do that and don't want to spend the money ( I am semi retired and have limited means)...to have a gunsmith drill and tap sites. I would like to remove the rear sight and replace it with a better site I can install my self. I have also thought of bending back down the "U" bracket that protects the rear sight....having the L/H wall of the "U"...be pointed downward. That metal should be easier to drill and tap to mount a receiver sight like the ones that are mounted on flat sided receivers. Help with this project would be greatly appreciated. I am also working on carrying parts and other SHTF supplies in the butt stock and in pouches on the r/h side of the stock. The idea is this gun would be a "grab and go" item when shtf....again APPRECIATE ANY ThOUGHTS TO THIS MATTER...Anthony barbuto a and b helmet shop


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    You might reconsider.The NO replicas receivers, were made out of cast steel. Believe in Spain? They don't have a good reputation, as far as durability is concerned.

    Wouldn't put any more money or effort into fixing it up, like match sights etc. Dump it and buy a used descent hunting rifle. Off the auction or Crigslist.
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    The 2 grove barrels I have shot did good. I don't think you will know until you put it on paper. It will need broken in but you could use JB Bore paste to help speed up the process.

    I had a O3A3 in the re-heat treatment #. It was punched out to 300 Gibbs. That rifle would shoot really good. It had a long slide Lyman 48 and globe front that fit the dovetail.

    I would look for a older 700 Rem, a 98 Mauser or perhaps a Savage 110 E with a scope if its a cast steel receiver.

    308 might be a better choice if you decide to get a different rifle.

    Holes in paper at distance tell to truth, but you can do a lot of trajectory work with a ballistic program and a loading manual.

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