Armscor Bullets JHP 40 Quality

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I was considering purchasing some Armscor bullets that are 40gr JHP, these are what Armscor loads for their 22 TCM cartridges.
They are a good weight for 22 Hornet and I wouldn't mind trying them in my 223 Rem for cheap plinker rounds.
I was wondering:
1. If anyone has tried them and if so what kind of gun were you shooting them in and what kind of accuracy did you get?
2. Any idea how fast you could push them before they start coming apart?


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    I have been thinking the same thing as you. They look decent and the price is right too. But in a 221 Fireball XP100 and a rifle. Probably try them pin one of the 223's too. Download them just a tad. Only one way to find out how they hold up at various velocities!
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    It would depend on the bullets construction how hard you can push them. Back in the early 70's I tried some 40gr Hornet bullets in the 222 Rem. They did fine, however in the 225 Win they made a gray poof cloud about 8' from the muzzle.

    Your 223 with a really quick twist might be able to spin them apart.
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    I did a search on youtube and came across a post where three factory 40 gr hollow point rounds from a 22 TCM pistol were fired in some ballistics gel, one of the bullets was fired through several layers of denim and the last one fired through a couple layers of T-shirt cotton fabric. the penetration depths ranged from 13 to 16 inches and the retrieved bullets looked like they mushroomed very nicely. If anyone would like to see it, search for "22 TCM Armscor 40 Grain JHP Clear Gel Tests".
    I also found another youtube post of some guys shooting a Rock Island 22 TCM rifle. They didn't tell what kind of groups the rifle was shooting but they did show a 1/4" thick steel galvanized steel plate they shot with it and there was a very clean hole all the way through it. I think I'll have to buy some and try them in my 223.
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