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OK Savage experts, how in the heck do tell which letter variation of Savage 99 you have. The one I have has the rolling block brass number on the receiver and the only thing on the barrel is the caliber 308 and the savage manufacture info. How do I tell which letter of the alphabet it is?????????if I take the for end off, the numbers 1767 are stamped in it


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    Are you asking about the stamp on the 'boss' of the lever????

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    No, was not asking about the stamp or DOM, need to know which letter denomination, 99G, 99EG,99A etc etc......don't these come in all different deleniations
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    When I got interested in Savage 99's, I had to buy the book "The Savage 99" to see the differences. Now I cannot find it.
    No, I cannot tell the different model numbers, I am not an expert.
    Model EG seems to be the most common. .308 cal. was late production and the box magazine .308 later yet. Hardwood stocks (non-walnut)were late production. Check some libraries for the Savage book.
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    OK navc130 so do you know how to tell?
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    Trotting around the link that charliemeyer provided, I found this
    "charateristics" chart:


    Here is a page of "99" resources:



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    The model designations EG, R, etc. were never put on the rifles or even the boxes, they were in Savage records. It depends upon when built and several characteristics of the rifle. You need the book or some one with the book and some patience to work you through the characteristics to sort yours out. In the end it does not matter much unless you are looking for a particular designation or one of each or some such.

    "The Ninty Nine" by Murray is out of print, cheapest I could find is this one: http://tinyurl.com/gupbteg

    Or you could try Big Loop's site.[:I]
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    If you were to post some quality photo's of your rifle, I am 100% sure, someone here could tell you what model you do have.

    The Blue Book, does have a breakdown of the characteristics of different models. ie...fancy wood, checkered stocks front and back, Schnabel forend, perch belly stock, etc.
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    Without specific details it's hard to tell which letter designation you have. If you provide the following, we can at least narrow down the potential models, might even be able to narrow it down to just one:
    1) Stock type - straight or pistol grip
    2) Barrel length (measured from the muzzle to the breech)
    3) Serial number - if you don't want to supply all of it, at least
    like 569,xxx or 1,444,xxx or A235xxx.
    3) forearm - schnable-tipped or round tip?
    4) buttplate stype - Cresent metal, metal shotgun, plastic shotgun
    Since it is a .308, it dates to 1956 or later and narrows down the potential models.
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    Ok Keith here you go

    1). Pistol grip stock
    2). 22 inch barrel
    3). 1061xxx SN#
    4). Round tip for end
    5). Butt plate looks like metal shotgun even though it is curved a little it is not as extreme as the 1899

    If possible can you provide an approximate value? It is in excellent condition so I am not sure if it was re blued or not
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    It is either a 99F or a 99DL, most likely a 99F, and most likely made in 1963 (lever boss code would be E). The 99DL has as a Monte Carlo stock, the 99F does not. Price is really hard to say without actually seeing the condition of the wood and metal and actually knowing the actual model. Without knowing more, I'd put a broad brush of $450-$650. I would be that if you look on the right rear of the barrel just forward of the receiver ring, you will see it is marked 99F.

    I bought this 1957 99F .308 Win last year for $550 with the scope; studs and swivels are aftermarket).
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    itnis in fact a 99F, it was hidden by the mount. Thank you
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