NOT A shoebox Rem 51 380 ANYMORE

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End of 2015 a shoe box in need of help... As of 03/2016 Friday last week...all back together yet to fire yet.. will do that this weekend.

Think I learned how to do a one hour rebuild from nothing but all parts after lots of starting completely over...starts and redos!!!!

All logged and recorded so I won't have to make same errors again.

Glad it's finally done...Man what a PITA !!!


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    Cool post some pic's and a range function report.
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    Will do as soon as I get to the range, hopefully soon...
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    I hope the pics and notes I sent you were somewhat helpful? +1 on Charliemeyer007. would love to see some after pics!! Good luck at the range!!
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    It's not mentioned much these days but rusters used to be heavily buffed and nickel plated or engraved to cover up surface pitting.
    Your frame, slide and grip safety could benefit from either refinishing process.
    As it is, Remington 51 originals make great carry guns.
    You could even paint & fill using one of the epoxy finishes.
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    It is only light peppering on the bluing and no pits/further rust and has already been removed w steel wool and gun oil.

    Finish remaining will be O.K. for a shooter / daily carry piece.

    No further damage to piece from its exposure and have about zero in it as it was included in the other stuff I bought in storage unit...sold that stuff and made $$, so it is a freebie !!!

    If I remember correctly, I asked for your assistance a while back and you had other projects in the works,,,and turned me down from any help..

    So, are those projects done yet ??? ...if not... are you going to finish them or spend your time posting on GB ??
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    49 harley :

    Yes they were and some additional help from another guy down south... was a PITA as I started, stopped and broke it back down again, again and again... now could do it in much less time.

    Believe I could fix someone elses now... if they have all the parts

    Tks again for your NRA guide and margin notes.
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    These also came with the shoebox Rem 51... used JB Weld plastic and expired printer cartridge ink for the color to somewhat match.

    Sanded and filed the top and rear missing part into somewhat original shape and able to refit them on the frame w / o any issue... when I get around to the range to test fire it.. won't get a severe cut on the thumb.

    Still need to work on the front part of the grip so it somewhat matches what an original one looks like. Ain't prudy yet.. it will get there, with time and effort.

    Pics coming when I can of completed project, range report and a pic of target during firing.

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    Finished , broken left grip repaired at top, still needs final outside shape, file and detail.

    Issue with newly installed extractor, causing 100% function, has some FTF / FTE, new part needs rough edges dealt with, so apart slide / barrel and rework, smoothing it out.

    Test target coming soon.


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    I love that model very very light recoil and it fits my hand so Point & shoot not aim is still ON TARGET[^]
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