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Very unusual. They have 38 short colt blank cartridges that are pressed in. Short Colt has been obsolete before the war. Rim measurements dia.626. Thickness .103. Overall Length 1.005. Base diameter .500.
At first I thought maybe a chamber adapter but the rim is to thick and then I thought something for industrial use. what say u.[img][/img]http://imgur.com/a/iha28


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    I have a slide action Savage .22 cal rifle it has a octagon barrel, a seven shot magazine, no checkering. The markings on the rifle are as follows a pat. date of 1903 and 64.180 on the grip frame. It does not match the discription the Blue book gives of a 1903 (oct. barrel) but it does have the pistol grip stock.
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    Look like a shouldered bushing that just happens to have a cartridge that fits inside. Maybe an insert for some cannon round trainer.

    added The Navy line throwing guns I have seen were powered by a 45-70 blank round.
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    Could possibly be from the firing mechanism of a ship's line throwing cannon. Most were .32 S&W blanks, but there were a fair number of commercially manufactured cannons by different makers that had variant firing mechanisms.
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    those were definitely made to launch something. just someone playing around.
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