Problem with KelTec SUB 9 front sight assembly

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I traded into the SUB 9 a while back. Found out why it was cheap....the front sight assembly was a little loose.....anyone know how to tighten the front sight assembly up to the barrel? Or know where I can find the instructions? Looks like there is a set type screw inside the loop that goes around the barel, but not sure how to get to it.

Thank you for that Charlie, but that does not show what i'm looking for. The front sight assembly appears to have a set screw in the bottom ring that goes around the barrel. With a SN of only 031xx, i'm wondering if there was a change of some type during the production. Thank you for the link though, saving the manual.


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    I believe it was bonded to the barrel.
    The sight is THE weak part of the design and a pain to adjust.
    There are aftermarket sights.
    These are great guns , hard to find, very desirable and a hoot to shoot.After looking over a year, I paid $100 over list for the Glock 17 model.
    I'm sure the factory will fix it but I'd look for the easily adjustable aftermarket sight.
    I can't find the factory papers but I'll bet Keltec will fix the p2000 for free.
    I wouldn't rely on a setscrew alone to hold any front or rear in place.
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    JMHO.. Try removing the elevation adjustment screw..Might give access to a set screw underneath it???
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    From RedLionPrecision. Basically remove the adjustable parts to access the set screw beneath...Tom

    Tools required: 5/32" allen wrench, 3/32" allen wrench, 1/8" allen wrench and a flathead screwdriver

    -Remove 2 set screws located on the sides of the front sight body with a 3/32" allen wrench.

    -Use factory tool that came with SUB9 rifle or a thin nosed set of needle nose pliers to remove the front sight post thru hole in top of front sight body.

    -Remove the windage barrel from front sight body with rod smaller than the windage barrel such as a punch or the back of a pen. Should slide out the side of the front sight body with a little pressure.

    -Screw front sight post a few threads back into the plastic insert that is now exposed from top and use the front sight post to pull out the plastic insert.

    -With a 5/32" allen wrench back off or remove the set screw that is now exposed from the top of the front sight body.

    -The front sight body may or may not require some heat to break the adhesive that helps to hold it in place. Heat gun is recommended if it does require heat since an open flame may discolor barrel if touched directly. Front sight body should slide off the end of the barrel.
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